Smart Control, Seamless Ride.
We’ve Imagined a cargo bike like this:

It thinks, watches the road, warns you in advance.
It carries all you need while zipping through sharp corners in the city.
It supports you, knowing when to hold you tight and when to let go.
And now, it’s here:

Family cargo bike,
made smarter.

Nothing more important than feeling assured and confident.

No more worry about tipping over:
Proprietary Dynamic Dualdrive™ Landing Gear systemwith suspension and adaptive algorithms,
brings unprecedented stability.

Stress Sensor

Speed Sensor

Angle Sensor


Automatic deploy when braking to low speed, retract when stable

Manually deploy for easier pushing

Kickstand mode to support balance when stationary

Remain seated and control everything. 

Riding has never been so seamless and uninterrupted. 

4-core ARM processor




Stay alerted

Rear-approaching vehicle alerts with handlebar vibration, Real-time visibility of a 180° front and 140° rear view on screen.

One click selfie *

 Capture scenic surroundings and family memories with embedded 1080P cameras.

Smart lighting system

 Automatic turn signals, daytime running light control and high-low beam lights toggling. 

All-in-one control

Navigation onboard, Play music, and answer a call.
Smarter spacing
Carrying all you need and all you love. 
For Cargo
Maximum capacity 220kg, and can hold 3 Euroboxes.
For Passengers
Comfortably accommodate 2 kids under 1.26m in the cargo box, one infant at front or one taller kid at backseat.
Child seat with five-point safety harness
Waterproof box cover
Waterproof e-Lock cargo box Lid
Rear MIK rack for taller kid seat and more cargo
Comfort experience for both riders and passengers

We love it when you say
“Let's take one more ride.”

Flagship Maneuvering Experience

You’re looking at the most compact and maneuverable model in its class with comparable capacity. The dual-cable steering system also enhanced flexibility for navigating narrow alleys and changing lanes.

Overall Length


maximum steering angle


Responsive Image
Enviolo™ Heavy Duty Hub
180 Disc Brake
Full Suspension
Gates Carbon Drive™ CDX
Enviolo™ Heavy Duty Hub
180 Disc Brake
Gates Carbon Drive™ CDX
Full Suspension

Our proprietary 100Nm motor delivers an industry-leading torque, providing exceptional support for uphill climbs and carrying heavy loads.

Responsive Image

Our proprietary 100Nm motor delivers an industry-leading torque, providing exceptional support for uphill climbs and carrying heavy loads.

Max. torque


Max. battery capacity

1.5 kWh, 200km*

Built-in speed sensors refresh

6 times per second*

for responsive assistance

Look further,
watch your back.

Now, your safety system thinks for you even before you do.

ActiveGuard Pro™

Detection System


Embedded 1080P camera


Rear millimeter radar

body left center right

Front-facing 180° camera allowing advanced visibility of road conditions even when rider's view is blocked

Headtube camera enables sentry mode while parking with AI-enhanced anti-theft capability

Rear camera and radar constantly monitor approaching vehicles, alert with handlebar vibration and video stream on the screen

Light it up intelligently

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

Wave goodbye to bulky locks,

Be in the know with TARRAN™ App

Sentry Mode

Activates after power shutdown, detects anomalies via a 6-axis gyroscope, issues alerts, and records video.

Find My Bike

The GPS module allows users to view real-time trajectory and location in Tarran™ App, and to activate speakers for precise locating.

Keyless lock & unlock

No more heavy locks, use the NFC key or simply your phone to unlock the bike.
Capturing fleeting moments with

One click Snap Shot

Simply press and hold handlebar button, the built-in headtube 1080P camera can take selfies.

Standard 1/4 inch screw mount for third-party action cameras*, also control directly from the handlebar.

Your family camp
on the go

Built-in Bluetooth Speakers
Qi2.0 wireless charging panel
USB port
power output
MIK Cargo Rack

Built for a future
you’ll love.

Built for future

Recyclable EPP cargo box, water-based paint, recycled aluminum parts

Built to delight

Partnered with KISKA on industrial design.

Built with privacy in mind

GDPR compliance audited by top global consulting firm

Built with possibilities

Evolving riding experience with OTA upgrades.

Repair by yourself at ease with an

OBD (On-board diagnose) system.

With a single tap on the T1 Pro's screen, it diagnoses the problem and tells you which parts need replacing. In most cases, you can simply order replacements on our website and install them yourself or at a nearby bike shop.